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Poly Kayak Rack Styles

Our poly kayak racks provide eco-friendly kayak storage that is practically maintenance free. Built to last from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, they provide attractive, easy indoor and outdoor storage for kayaks and SUPs. They are available in several styles and can accommodate up to eight kayaks.

Poly Kayak Racks

Our single sided poly kayak racks provide easy access from one side for 2 to 4 kayaks or SUPs with a small footprint for tighter spaces.  

Poly Kayak Racks

Our double-sided poly kayak racks provide low-maintenance storage that stays lower to the ground for 4 to 8 kayaks or SUPs.

Poly Kayak Racks

Our wall-mounted poly kayak racks provide convenient storage for 1 to 3 kayaks and can be stacked for additional options.

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