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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything you want to know about our Poly Kayak Racks before, during and after purchase. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to give us a call today at 715-543-2006 or send us a message online.

How will my Poly Kayak Rack arrive?

Your Poly Kayak Rack will be shipped unassembled and in a box via Fed Ex ground. You can expect your poly kayak storage rack to arrive around 2 weeks after placing your order. Instructions, torx bits and GRK screws needed for assembly are included. Assembly should take approx. 30 – 60 minutes with a common power drill or screw gun (not included).

How do I remove dirt and debris from my Poly Kayak Rack?

The affected area should be sprayed off with a hose to remove surface debris.  Use warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris from the rack.  Do not scrub with a scrub pad such as scotch Brite pads. Always use a soft cloth or soft bristle brush.

Does Poly Lumber fade?

The poly lumber we use for our Poly Kayak Racks has UV inhibitors and stabilizers that run throughout the lumber to make it fade resistant, so you can enjoy the rich color of your Poly Kayak Rack for years to come.

What happens if my Poly Kayak Rack gets scratched?

If your poly kayak rack gets a scratch take something smooth like a hammer head and rub the head firmly across the scratch until it’s smooth. You will probably not be able to eliminate the scratch completely. Do not sand with sandpaper, it will make more scratches.

What type of hardware is used in the Poly Kayak Racks?

We use GRK RSS screws manufactured with Rugged structural screws and Climatek coating, which makes these premium screws resistant to salt spray, heat, cold, water, wind, and other harsh elements that normal screws cannot withstand. GRK screws are almost indistinguishable from brass screws, once installed into a surface.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we offer hassle-free shipping to our Canadian Customers. All Canadian customers will receive a $100 USD additional charge for Taxes, Duties, and Broker fees for each rack and each accessory will be charged $30 USD for shipping. It is a hassle-free paperless system through FedEx. The rack will still arrive in the 2 ½ week timeframe. You could receive a phone call from Customs, in which you should choose FedEx broker and the sender pays all duties, broker fees, and taxes.

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with the product you received from us you can return it, as long as it is in good condition (not damaged) – less shipping and handling charges. Our company will honor your opinion and the original purchase price of your item will be refunded. We highly doubt this will be the case, but we want our clients to be confident in their choice to purchase from us.

If the purchased item is being returned, notification to Poly Kayak Rack must be made within 7 days from receipt of goods and can be completed via email at (recommended), by phone at 1-715-543-2006 or fax at 1-715-543-2109.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii, or outside the U.S?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.

Can I secure my Poly Kayak Rack to the ground?

Yes. You can bolt it to any surface with wood screws. There are also kits available for purchase from our online store. These anchors can be used to secure your poly kayak rack into tight packed earth or sand. Instructions for using our kit can be found HERE. This method can be used to protect the poly kayak rack from being stolen or from strong winds.

  1. Insert the sharp tip of a spiral ring anchor into the dirt near the bottom center of the rack if you are using one twist anchor. If you are using more than one, evenly space out.
  2. Twist the anchor by hand so that it spirals into the soil. Stop when the spiraled section is completely hidden underground and only the ring on top of the anchor is visible.
  3. Run a chain, cable, or straps through the ring at the top of the anchor, then pass this same line over and around the center cross rail on the poly kayak rack.
  4. Secure the cable or chain using a small padlock or combination lock if desired. Tighten straps to keep rack tight to the anchors in the ground.
  5. This method can be completed by using a kit purchased from or purchasing your own online or from a store.

What is the weight capacity of a Poly Kayak Rack?

Each tier can hold up to 80 lbs. per craft. So, if you bought a 3-place rack it would be 240 lbs. weight capacity for the entire rack.

Can I keep my Poly Kayak Rack out all year-round?

Yes, our all-weather material is built to withstand all four seasons and a range of climates including hot sun, snowy winter, salt spray, and heavy winds. However, if you live in a heavy snow area you need to take your boats off the rack in the winter, because the amount of weight from the snow on top of the boats can exceed the rack’s weight limit and bend or break the arms.

Do you recommend covering Poly Kayak Rack?

Covering rack with tarp will cause water and snow to exceed warranty and weight on top of the arms. We recommend buying kayak covers to individually wrap each Kayak or SUP. You can find some nice ones on

Can I use my Rack by oceanside or in a Salt Spray Area?

The poly material will not be affected by salt. We use GRK RSS screws manufactured with Rugged structural screws and Climatek coating, which makes these premium screws resistant to salt spray, heat, cold, water, wind, and other harsh elements that normal screws cannot withstand.

Is there a minimum order to qualify for Free Shipping?

On our website there is no minimum order to qualify for free shipping to any of the 48 lower contiguous United States.

How long will it take to ship my order?

All poly kayak racks will be shipped Fed Ex ground, and you can expect it to arrive about 2 weeks after placing the order unless you call for a specific shipping date.

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